About Lemon Cloud net label

«LEMON CLOUD NET LABEL» — a web-based, independent, digital label and produces electronic club music. The label was founded in 2011.
 — Label LEMON CLOUD You will not wait for an answer to its
letter for months!
— Label LEMON CLOUD You will not wait for the
Release half in!
— Label LEMON CLOUD with respect to
everyoneTo his work and his time!
— Working with the label you LEMON CLOUD
feel comfortable!
— C label by LEMON CLOUD your music quickly and
freely distributed across the network!
— Releases from LEMON CLOUD easy to find
You and your students!
— Quality — is the label LEMON CLOUD!

Politics and the concept of «LEMON CLOUD NET LABEL: «

— All Albums (EP’s, LP’s), tracks, remixes, compilation, dj-mix label released an absolutely free of charge and are free to download and distribution on the internet in MP3,
licensed by Creative Common License «Attribution-NoDerivs» (by-nd) Licence «Attribution — No Derivative Works»
This license allows you to freely distribute the productAs a commercial or non-profit basis, and work should remain the same and always shall be author.

— All releases are distributed, as published on the site label, and in many other music sites, communities, in social. Networks, without imposing any restrictions on downloads, not counting the limitations of hosting.
Our label makes a promotional mailing your release to all interested in this person, (DJs, listeners, musicians, etc.). Anyone can subscribe to receive news from
«LEMON CLOUD NET LABEL» Just send your label a lot of tracks on the internet and FM radio stations all over the CIS.
During the rotation of your creativity on the radio station, the label is not responsible, as this is the work of the Music editor Station.

«LEMON CLOUD NET LABEL» is not responsible for any further actions of third parties in relation to your tracks etc. Ie use them for their own purposes, the assignment of copyright or rights to their distribution, distortion of materials releases, charging any fees, etc.. — The publication releases made strictly in rotation, with the regularity provided for the label.

— Label is not available in all light and all in a row, all products pass through a careful selection.

«LEMON CLOUD NET LABEL» produces only high-quality music in the most current styles for today’s day in: House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House, Vocal House, Club House, Trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance.
And as DubStep, Rap \ Hip-Hop.

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